Education has a significant impact on the lives that your kid lead. For this reason, parents are often careful to ensure that they take their children to the best option available.

One of the options that are gaining popularity among parents is international schools in Bangkok. These institutions are renowned for providing quality education, as well as a range of outdoor and extracurricular activities such as academic trips and sports, respectively.

Below are the top reasons why CEC Education advises you to take your kid to international schools in Bangkok.

Smaller Class Sizes

Most international schools have a low student population per class. The advantage of this is that the teacher can transfer knowledge effectively because they can attend to the needs of every scholar.

Outstanding Facilities

Most international schools have the infrastructure needed to complement theoretical classwork. These include well-equipped libraries and labs. They also have excellent sports facilities required for extracurricular activities. 

Even better, the low number of students means that the resources mentioned above are not overused. Each student has adequate to use the apparatus, books or any other resource, resulting in a better understanding of the topic in hand.

More Job Opportunities

There is a widespread belief that international schools offer better quality education than regular schools. The resultant effect is that graduates from these institutions have the upper hand over other job seekers when applying for employment. 

Also, the curriculum used in international schools produces individuals who are better prepared to deal with life after school.  

Outdoor Activities

As mentioned before, international schools in Bangkok offer a range of extracurricular activities alongside their famous high education standards. 

Partaking in these helps teachers in identifying and nurturing their talents. Furthermore, playing together improves teamwork, social skills, and the physical wellbeing of your kids. More importantly, it refreshes the mind before they resume classwork. 


One of the primary responsibilities of a parent is making sure that your children get a quality education. The best way to do this, as per CEC education, is by taking them to international schools in Bangkok. 

If you are looking for international school in Bangkok, KIS International School Bangkok is the best mid-sized IB World School in Thailand offering International Baccalaureate Programmes.