Thailand is a blessed country. It's a place known for not just its beautiful natural environment and unspoiled beaches, but also for nice cuisines, world-class restaurants, and shopping malls, modern medical facilities and most importantly quality educational facilities.

When it comes to educational facilities, high schools, preliminary and even tertiary institutions in Thailand are laden with standard facilities to make for improved learning and development of any individual - both adults and kids.

Getting an International school in Thailand isn't always as it seems. They may be all over the media because of their exploits, but when you step foot in the country in search of them, do you know where to really find them?

Without proper research, people often mistake English-programmed schools as international schools. Here is an eye-opener. English-programmed schools are not international schools because they do not use the international or foreign curriculum. What they really do is teach the Thai curriculum in the English language. If you have a kid who is already good with Thai language, this can be a big plus for you, as these EP schools are way cheaper than international schools.

But how many expat kids can speak the Thai language? Your guess is as good as mine. If you want your kids to have little or no disruptions in their education, an international school is recommended once you leave your motherland for another country, especially one like Thailand.

But where do you find a recommendable international school in Thailand?

Thailand is littered with about 163 international schools. Most of these schools, however, are found in the largest city, Bangkok. If you work or live in Bangkok, you have more choices to make.

Besides Bangkok, other cities like Khon Kaen, Chang Mia, Samui, and Phuket also have a reasonable number of international schools located there.

International schools in Thailand can cater for kids from as little as 18 months to ones as grown as 18 years old. There are a number of recommendable international schools in Thailand and they are mostly located in the above cities. So if you work or live in or close to any of them, finding a real international school to give your child the best education wouldn't be a problem.

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