There are several international schools in Thailand, and choosing one for your child can be quite difficult. Each international school has its unique features to offer, and this makes picking one out even harder.

However, this should not make it such a challenge. Cec-education advises you to consider this top factors to narrow down your search.


A school’s curriculum is one of the most important things to consider.  You will want to ensure the school you settle for offers an internationally recognized curriculum. This will come in handy especially if you keep moving to different countries. Your child will be able to fit in easily every time you move because they will just need a school offering a similar curriculum. In addition, a good curriculum ensures your child gets to join globally recognized colleges without having to do any other evaluation tests. The top international curriculums include American, International Baccalaureate(IB) and British.


Bangkok is a huge city with lots of traffic in the peak hours when children are going to and from school. Therefore, it is important that you pick a school that is close to where you live. This will help you and your child cut down on the hours spend on the road and free up time for other things.


Every international school in Thailand should be accredited by the relevant authorities. A school that has been in operation for more than three years should be approved by bodies such as the Worldwide Education Service, the Council of International Schools, among others. 

Teaching staff

Teachers make or break a school. A school may have top of the range facilities, but lack great teachers. It is, therefore, important that you pick one that has qualified and experienced teachers. It is also advisable to visit the schools and interact with the teachers physically. Ask them about their credentials and make a decision based on your intuition. Does your child perform better with a strict teacher? Or do they do well with easy going teachers?


The school experience should be more than just reading. Make sure to also pick a school that offers extra curricula activities. This will benefit your child for the rest of their lives and should never be overlooked.

If you looking for Thai International School, please visit The American School of Bangkok.