Bangkok has several international schools. For a parent, choosing the best of the lot can prove to a challenging task. Here are some consideration factors to assist you in identifying the best learning institutions that will develop your child into an intelligent and responsible human being.

International schools in Bangkok offer various curricula.  The best choice is the International Baccalaureate since it is accepted by several colleges and universities worldwide. It also ensures that your child can quickly adapt to a new learning environment if you move to another country.

Learning Support
Learning institutions have different policies for supporting students. It is advisable to choose a school that has designated programs to help your child in achieving their educational goals. Besides having a support program, the schools should dedicate ample time for such activities. Learning support is ineffective if it is only conducted on a few occasions.

The government of Thailand requires every international school to have an accreditation from a third-party within the first three years of its existence.  Some of the popular accreditation agencies include Worldwide Education Service, Council of International Schools and Western Association of Schools and Colleges.  A school without accreditation is at risk of closure for failing to comply with government regulations. 

Teaching Staff
The qualifications of the staff have a significant influence on the quality of education offered at a Bangkok International School.  Ideally, the school should have a teacher professional development program to ensure that their staff is up to date with the latest teaching methods. 

Class Size
Another factor that influences the quality of education is the number of students per class. A high student to teacher ratio means that the instructor has a hard time attending to individual students. Smaller classes, on the other hand, guarantee quality education because the teacher can attend to each student individually. 

Extra-curricular Activities
The right school should offer a variety of outdoor activities in addition to classwork. This ensures that your child gets time to refresh their mind from academics and keep fit by engaging in physical exercises.